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Logo Design

We create strong brand identities.

A strong logo is vital for the success of your business or organisation, it must clearly visually communicate your companies story and personality to your target audience.

To ensure your logo's success Zest work with you through a range of strategies to develop the best possible logo and brand for your business.

Does your brand look a bit tired? Here is a simple checklist to help:

Is your logo 10 years or older?

Has the style of your brand fallen out of fashion?

Does your brand lack consistency?

Are you missing your target audience?

Has your product or service changed or evolved or is it currently evolving?

Did you tick a box? Your brand may be in need of a refresh.

A brand refresh maintains a visual connection to the original identity but the makeover brings new vibrancy to today’s audiences. Below demonstrates the progression of the Starbucks brand over the years.

Did you tick multiple boxes above? Your logo may need a re-brand.

On rarer occasions your logo may require a full re-brand, this is needed when you tick multiple boxes above because your business has evolved far beyond it’s current brand. The new logo often holds a small piece of heritage from the original logo but in some cases looks completely different.

Stuck with a fuzzy logo and no original files? We can help!

At Zest we understand that it's easy to loose your original logo as staff or club members change. But it's important to look your best! So we encourage all businesses that regularly use their logo but only hold a fuzzy version to talk to us about getting it redrawn. It's normally a very quick process and can mean a lot for the credibility of your business.

Have a company without branding? You may need a new logo.

At Zest we specialise in logo's, so whether you need a refresh, re-brand or a brand new logo... or you're not quite sure what you need (but you know you need something!) the team is here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your branding!